Cheyenne’s Market for Local Products

Tuesdays 3:00 - 6:00 pm  •   June 20 - October 10
Frontier Mall, Parking lot west of Sears  Map
(307) 649-2430

Fresh, Local Produce
  Local Vegetables
  Colorado Tree Fruits
  Fresh Herbs  
Local Farm Meats -
  grassfed beef
  grassfed bison
  pastured pork
  pastured chicken
Farm-fresh Eggs
Goat’s Milk Cheese
Local Butter
Local Honey
Roasted Coffee
Local Peanut Butter
Hot Sauces and Rubs
Local Jams and Preserves
Kim Chi
Local Baked Goods
  Breads, Croissants, Pies,
  Cookies, and more
Caramel Apples
Gluten-Free Baked Goods
Local Cheesecakes
Tamales, Tortillas, Chips
  & Salsa, Burritos,  
Dog Treats and Pet

Natural and Organic Body
Care and Laundry Care

Handcrafted Items:
  Bison Fiber Crafts
  Local Wood Crafts
  Handmade Baskets
  Bees Wax Candles
  Tile Coasters

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vendor contact and information:  Jackie Taylor  (307) 635-0749
Send application to Jackie Taylor, see address on application form.

The Tuesday Farmers Market features high-quality, locally produced foods and
handmade crafts. Resale items are not permitted with one exception - see note
below.  If you would like to become a vendor, please read the
Market Rules before

Vendor fees are 7% of honest, gross sales. There is no sales tax on food to be
eaten at home. Sales tax for other items is 6%. Vendors are responsible for
collecting and remitting the appropriate sales tax.

Standard booth space is one 10’x10’ canopy plus one vehicle. Additional space
may be granted by the Market Board, upon request.

All foods must be locally grown or produced by the seller. An exception may be
granted to a local food producer to bring a LOCAL food on behalf of another,
documented LOCAL food producer. All exceptions must be granted by the Market
Board, in advance, are temporary exceptions, and the actual producer’s name
must be displayed.

All artisan crafts must be handmade, and produced by the seller. Encouraged
crafts include weaving, pottery, photography, garden arts, herbal crafts, fiber
crafts, floral arrangements. Kit crafts and jewelry are not permitted. All craft
vendors must have their work approved by our jury panel before being accepted to

By submitting an application form, you are stating that you have read and agree
to abide by the
Tuesday Farmers’ Markets Rules. You are also stating that you are
informed on federal/state/county/city regulations regarding permits, licenses,
public health and safety, labeling, weights and measures and all other regulations
that apply to your business, and that you agree to abide by them.